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  • Schoolcounter works to empower the heart of school operations with dynamic features; every user is equipped with their own user name and password. Get real time information from various school departments, track information, and make administrative decisions based on real time data. Manage substitutions and timetables with super efficiency, use slick technologies like smart card, biometrics, and SMS to facilitate digitally savvy operations that ensures school safety, access to information, time optimization, and keeping track of individual activities. We help keep your school healthy , happy and thriving!

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  • Parents can log onto Schoolcounter by visiting the school's website with their unique username and password. Schoolcounter provides a wholesome approach for parents to interact, support, and be informed of their child's progress and well being at school. Our features are dynamic and empower the parent-child relationship. Parents gain access to information about their child's fees, activities, health, attendance and examinations. Parents can request transfer certificates online, download school circulars and certificates, write personal letters to teachers with specific concerns or requests, and be informed with the school's latest administrative, educational, and extra-curricular updates.